Angel Monoprints

Elizabeth’s Chrisian Artwork including her angel prints are simultaneously beautiful, mysterious and enigmatic. They dramatically show the duality of darkness and light and bring to life the very essence of energy of the angel spirit.

Of all Elizabeth’s creations, there none more striking than the angel monoprints that create such a presence. These vivid images were created from visions and dreams; the monoprint medium was chosen as it most faithfully reflected the movement and gracefullness of the angels and energies. They are truly inspirational and will grace any environment.

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  • Angel Painting - 3 Sisters I
  • Angel Painting - 3 Sisters Blue
  • Angel Painting - 3 Sisters Brown
  • Angel Paintings - Three Sisters Brown
  • Angel Prints - Daybreak
  • Angel Prints - Deliverance
  • Angel Prints - Destiny
  • Angel Prints - Divinity
  • Angel Prints - Flying to the Sun
  • Angel Prints - Four Winds
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